Vandalia-Con Convention Policies

Vandalia-Con is committed to providing a safe and friendly convention experience for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. To that end, the following code of conduct and convention policies are in place to ensure a safe and secure environment for all of our guests. By purchasing a ticket for Vandalia-Con all guests acknowledge that the registrant will follow all of these policies at all times.

All con attendees are expected to adhere to local laws and ordinances. Information about Parkersburg is available



NO REFUNDS. All sales are final. Print out your ticket and bring it to registration the day of the event. Tickets will be available at the door, but pre-registration is highly reccommended, especially for credit and debit card purchases.

Vandalia-Con requires all convention attendees to abide by our Courtesy Policy, which is the exhibition of courteous behavior to fellow attendees.

Rules of Courtesy:

  • Costumes are not required for this convention, however they are encouraged. Therefore, unwelcome or unsolicited criticism of cosplay, costumes, or props is unacceptable.
  • Cellphones and other electronic devices must be silenced or turned off while attendees are in movie screenings, classes, or workshops.
  • Attendees must remain quiet during panels, classes and performances to respect the teacher/ guest/ or artist that is sharing their knowledge/ skill with you, except when participating in discussion with the panel.
  • Attendees wearing hats or tall costumes should remove them when sitting in a panel room so the view of other attendees is not blocked.
  • When panel rooms have closed their doors due to hallway noise, attendees are asked to open and close the doors quietly
  • Attendees are asked to respect other attendees by not disrupting or intruding in their private conversations, videotaping/photography sessions, podcasting/recording sessions, or other activities



The following activities will not be tolerated during the Vandalia-Con convention:

  • Physical or verbal harassment of other members, guests of the convention, convention workers, the public, or hotel staff is not permitted.
  • Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behavior that disturbs other members, guests of the convention, convention workers, the public or hotel staff
  • Possession or use of any illegal drug, narcotic or banned substance
  • Distribution of alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 21
  • Disruptive or inappropriate behavior, or any engagement in activity prohibited by law
  • Any act which could result in substantial risk of harm to people or property



Vandalia-Con reserves the right to deem a costume unacceptable and request the wearer to make modifications as necessary. All costumes and props should be able to fit through a standard sized door. This convention is a family-friendly event. Please keep this in mind when choosing costumes and allow common sense and good taste to prevail.

All attendees are required by the hotel to wear approved footwear while in the convention space, which includes shoes, sandals, flip-flops or slippers. Bare feet are not allowed.



We recognize that costume-related weapons are sometimes an important part of the costume experience, so Vandalia-Con has the following weapons policy for costume-related weapons in place:

  • Vandalia-Con security has the right to deem any weapon or costume unsafe and insist that it be removed from convention space and/or the hotel.
  • ALL weapons must be peace-bonded (see below).*
  • No functioning projectile weapons- includes water pistols, silly-string guns, nerf, and ping-pong, paintball or airsoft pistols. Projectile weapons are never allowed to have ammo in them on convention grounds.
  • Bladed weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times
  • There will be absolutely no play-acting with props or brandishing of weapons in the public areas
  • Smoke bombs, sparklers, explosives, or chemicals are not permitted at the con
  • Large weapons may not be allowed in certain events because of space restrictions.
  • Do not leave your weapons unattended.
  • Don’t be stupid. Weapons are dangerous. Someone might get hurt and you might go to jail.

*Peace-bonding is the act of making it clear that your weapon cannot be used (either by a brightly colored tie, or trigger lock) and that your intentions are peaceful. In order to display a costume related weapon on your costume, your weapon must be peace-bonded. Vandalia-Con security and staff may deem any weapon inappropriate and ask that it be removed from the convention.

Violation of any of these policies will result in consequences up to and including the revocation of an attendee’s membership without refund; a possible permanent ban from all future Vandalia-Con conventions; and contact with appropriate legal authorities. Vandalia-Con reserves the right to deal with each matter individually, in a manner deemed fit by its Board of Directors.



Photography and videotaping of activities including general cosplay, personal photos/video with the guests, etc., are acceptable provided that subjects being videotaped consent to it and provided that it does not disrupt events or the flow of foot traffic. Should any convention guest or staff member request that videotaping of a particular event/item be discontinued, attendees must comply with this request immediately. All attendees acknowledge and consent to allow Vandalia-Con staff to take pictures of the events, performances, and attendees, and that those pictures may be used for promotional purposes.



Vandalia-Con, Traditions and Hope, and the Blennerhassett Hotel and associated partners are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury with regard to any attendee at any time. Attendees are responsible for their individual actions and any repercussions that may result. Civil or medical emergencies must be reported to hotel staff who will contact the proper authorities