Vandalia-Con 2016

When Captain Hook’s Dasterdly plan to steal Professor Tott’s time machine goes awry,  the pirates and lost boys get pulled through a dimentional gateway to the land of Vandalia! The Glittering Darkness is at the front lines and the Captain and Mr. Cat are sounding the call…

Heroes of Vandalia we are under attack!

 It is a Neverland Invasion!

Get your gear, and bring your crew, to Vandalia-Con 2016 where a weekend of fun, games, contests, and wonderment await. Choose your side- the Lost Boys or the Pirates and earn points for your team by attending classes, playing games, and entering contests in this adventure-filled weekend that is fun for the whole family!

All proceeds from this event are donated to the Diagnostic and Treatment Fund and Bonnie’s Bus, to ensure that breast and cervical cancer screening, diagnostic, and treatment resources are available to all WV women who need them. Early detection saves lives, and the residents of Neverland know that no one else should have to miss their mother because of these diseases. Help us make this dream a reality. Join us Memorial Day weekend and be a Hero of Vandalia!