Ministry of Silly Walks Olympics

The Ministry of Silly Walks presents:  Olympic races for your fun and pleasure.

Umbrella Race: Noses on umbrellas and spin for 20 seconds then race across the room to touch base and return. Best time wins.

Librarian Feats: Balance books on your head, Balance books on your hands, Balance as many books on your body as you can, then complete an obstacle course- but don’t drop the books! There will be several races in this category. Single and Partner races included

Tea for Two: Set the table, two for tea please- but of course there are surprises for you and your partner in this race! Work as a team to overcome obstacles and beat the clock!

Spacewalk– Do your best slow motion spacewalk across the track to impress the judges. Your imagination is your only tether!

Pin the Badge on the Sheriff– The only way to have any law and order in this place is to appoint a sheriff.  The person to pin the badge on the Sherriff in the quickest time wins. This race is kind of a Marco Polo meets Pin the Tail on the Donkey.