Talk of the Tavern Podcast

Talk of the Tavern is a weekly, syndicated, live and interactive internet-radio show, hosted by Travis I. Sivart and airs every Monday at 9PM EDT.

Join us and our regulars as well as special guest Gandersnitch the Goblin , as we discuss geek culture, conspiracies, politics, and dozens of other random and/or taboo topics each week. We discuss the world of movies, literature, music, gaming, and every other corner of culture we can find. We interview authors, artists, bands, writers, inventors, time travelers, craftsmen, convention goers and hosts. We have regular segments such as: Drink-Du-Jour, Opening and Closing Toasts, This Week In History, and The Sounds of Steam Music Hour. All of this blended with wit, sarcasm and a pub-like atmosphere.

Talk of the Tavern comes to Vandalia-Con! Sit in as part of the live studio audience as we join Travis on his weekly misadventures.

Talk of the Tavern is not intended for young audiences.