Professor Bubblemaker

Kid's Science Class
Kid’s Science Class

Professor Bubblemaker’s Eclectic Entertainments has been secured for the entertainment of our Guests and Heroes! Winner of “Best Tradeshow” at the WVAFF convention, The Professor will be giving performances throughout the weekend.

We begin with Vandalia-Con Pink Block Party which will feature Professor Bubblemaker’s Bubble Ballet at the Friday Night Concert.

Concert tickets are $10.00 each or included with weekend and VIP passes

On Saturday the Professor leads a kid’s science class as we explore gears, cogs & pulleys the basics of every steampunk creator’s imagination.

Saturday Special Ticket Events include:

The Professor’s World Famous Flea Circus!  “Barrsoom’s most beloved parasitic performers!” – Mr. Cat

Professor Phineas’s Hypnotic Adventures

Where the guests become the stars!

Special Ticket Events are $10.00 each and tickets may be purchased at registration or they are included with VIP Pass
Photo By: Andi Roberts
Photo By: Andi Roberts Click here to see the Professor’s Website



Andi Roberts Photography
Andi Roberts Photography