Vaudeville and Sideshow Performance
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Vandalia-Con welcomes the mad magic and mayhem of KARNEVIL!

Part Vaudeville entertainment and part circus sideshow the amazing antics of Gypsy, “Lady of Pain” and Arson, “Master of Mischief” will keep you at the edge of your seat as they make daring escapes, test the limits of human endurance, and even defy death to bring you the best in sideshow entertainment. Their act is the stuff of future memories (and maybe even a few nightmares) but it is certainly not to be missed!

We aren’t certain about what their bodies are made of, but their hearts are made of pure gold!


Karny & Pirate-powered Victorian Surrey Carrying Long-time Volunteer and Grand Marshal of the parade Donna Hudgins the WVBCCSP “Pink Lady of Parkersburg”