Andi Roberts Photography

Coming May 25th-26th

Parkersburg, WV

Get ready as Vandalia-Con Year 5 takes us into the Old West!

Bring your partners, do-si-do and get ready for a Wild West Adventure- Steampunk Style!

Repairing the Rift sent Vandalia spiraling back in the tunnels of time and we landed smack dab in the middle of the Old West!  Join us as we celebrate our 5 year anniversary with shootouts, contests, amazing classes, and even learn about bionic eyes!

When your in a pickle like this sometimes what you need is a good, upright white-hat hero with a nice shiny badge (like Wyatt Earp). Other times what you need to get things done is a good old-fashioned black-hat villain (like Thomas Durant).  You get to choose who saves Vandalia,  the heroes or the villains and as always your votes determine the theme for the next event.  So saddle up, gather your posse and we will see you at Vandalia-Con!

Click on the links below to learn more about how we support community-clinic linkages for cancer screening in WV.



Vandalia-Con Objectives:

  1. Increase breast and cervical cancer screening rates.
  2. Increase awareness and availability of programs and resources for breast and cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Increase knowledge of breast and cervical cancer risk, incidence, and prevalence.
  4. Increase volunteer participation and encourage civic engagement.
  5. Create an opportunity for collaboration
  6. Encourage and Introduce Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) activities to children and young adults..
  7. Encourage Steampunk art, artistry, invention, and performance
  8. Provide fun wellness and active living opportunities
  9. Increase WV Tourism
  10. Celebrate WV history and culture
  11. Create a culture of Community for positive change