Transdimentional Rift acts as Gateway to Vandalia
The Rift acts as Gateway to Vandalia!

Coming May 26th-28th

Parkersburg, WV

Thanks to the Heroes of Vandalia, the Clock’ODial was recovered from the pirates, but Captain Hook’s misfire has left a RIFT in the fabric of space and time!

Bring your favorite fandom to Vandalia, as the Rift opens a crossroads across the universe. Everyone is welcome, from Dr. Who to the Mothman. Cosplay your favorite characters as they venture through the Rift, or don your favorite Steampunk attire to welcome our guests to the land of Vandalia! The only limits are your imagination!

Heroes from every corner of the multiverse will gather to Save the Mothers of Invention. As always all proceeds will be donated to help bring cancer prevention, screening, outreach, and education services to the women of West Virginia.

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Vandalia-Con Objectives:

  1. Increase breast and cervical cancer screening rates.
  2. Increase awareness and availability of programs and resources for breast and cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Increase knowledge of breast and cervical cancer risk, incidence, and prevalence.
  4. Increase volunteer participation in breast cancer and/or cervical cancer awareness events.
  5. Introduce the Steampunk genre to WV
  6. Encourage Steampunk art, artistry, invention, and performance
  7. Increase WV Tourism
  8. Celebrate WV history and culture
  9. Create a culture of Community for positive change