Makers Display and Competition

Do you make Steampunk art?  Here is your chance to shine! Costumes, accessories, gadgets, gizmoes, stories, photographs, paintings, and anything else your imagination can create is welcome at the charity Maker’s Display and Competition. Who can enter? Individuals or Teams (no more than 4 people per team please) What is the cost? $5.00 per entry- no limit on number of… Read more →

Rebecca Baygents Turk

Rebecca Baygents Turk is a professional costume designer whose art has been featured by premier theatre and ballet companies across the globe. As the other half of Wicked Clever, she promotes creativity, imagination, and play through her illustrations, craft workshops, and costume design seminars. She currently works at The Ohio State University as the Costume Studio Manager for Theatre and… Read more →

Costume Design Seminar by Rebecca Baygents Turk

How do you go about designing a costume or a character or the living embodiment of popular culture? Where do you start? Get professional insight on how to design and create an effective costume for your cosplay, re-enacting, or stage production. We will discuss the process from notion to research to adaptation and conceptualization. Then we will address resources, construction,… Read more →

Creating a Steampunk Opera

Meet the creators and performers of Steam ~ or ~ The Specters of the Knox Mill, Liz Rishel, Sean Lenhart, Jordan Speranzo, and William Strom, as they describe their process of how they designed a uniquely steampunk show, a blend of classical styles and new innovation that is infused into every element.     Read more →