Vandalia-Con 2016

When Captain Hook’s Dasterdly plan to steal Professor Tott’s time machine goes awry,  the pirates and lost boys get pulled through a dimentional gateway to the land of Vandalia! The Glittering Darkness is at the front lines and the Captain and Mr. Cat are sounding the call… Heroes of Vandalia we are under attack!  It is a Neverland Invasion! Get your… Read more →

Makers Display and Competition

Do you make Steampunk art?  Here is your chance to shine! Costumes, accessories, gadgets, gizmoes, stories, photographs, paintings, and anything else your imagination can create is welcome at the Charity Maker’s Display and Competition. Who can enter? Individuals or Teams (no more than 4 people per team please) What is the cost? $5.00 per entry- no limit on number of… Read more →

Victorian Photography

This class will be presented by photographer Jan Maloney.  Jan has been a professional photographer for three years.  She is also a recent graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  She will first outline a brief history of Victorian photography.  Then, notable Victorian photographers and their methods will be covered.  In particular, Julia Margaret Cameron will be featured as she… Read more →

Fashion Show

Saturday May 28th from 8pm-9pm our fashion show is for all ages and you can enter one or several outfits to be shown on stage! Men and women are encouraged to enter. Groups can also enter. You just need the name of the model and designer and a brief description of your outfit. Read more →