Schedule Change for 2018

Vandalia-Con will be hosting classes, gaming, competitions, and events on Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th.  Please see full schedule for complete details.  Sunday, May 27th will be checkout only. No official Vandalia-Con events will happen this day. However, The Captain, Mr. Cat, Xen, and others of the Vandalia Crew are planning to tour Blennerhassett Island Sunday afternoon once clean-up is… Read more →

Gandersnitch the Goblin

Gandersnitch the Goblin, the Banished Barber of Goblonia, has been noted by some to be the 9th wonder of the world… He dumped her shortly thereafter though, because anyone attracted to goblins has been historically proven to be slightly unstable. Since 2009 he has been found at faires and festivals across the country, from Oregon to New York to Kentucky… Read more →


Vandalia-Con welcomes the mad magic and mayhem of KARNEVIL! Part Vaudeville entertainment and part circus sideshow the amazing antics of Gypsy, “Lady of Pain” and Arson, “Master of Mischief” will keep you at the edge of your seat as they make daring escapes, test the limits of human endurance, and even defy death to bring you the best in sideshow entertainment.… Read more →

Vandalia-Con Convention Policies

Vandalia-Con is committed to providing a safe and friendly convention experience for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. To that end, the following code of conduct and convention policies are in place to ensure a safe and secure environment for all of our guests. By purchasing a ticket for Vandalia-Con all guests… Read more →