Vandalia-Con 2016

When Captain Hook’s Dasterdly plan to steal Professor Tott’s time machine goes awry,  the pirates and lost boys get pulled through a dimentional gateway to the land of Vandalia! The Glittering Darkness is at the front lines and the Captain and Mr. Cat are sounding the call… Heroes of Vandalia we are under attack!  It is a Neverland Invasion! Get your… Read more →

Makers Display and Competition

Do you make Steampunk art?  Here is your chance to shine! Costumes, accessories, gadgets, gizmoes, stories, photographs, paintings, and anything else your imagination can create is welcome at the Charity Maker’s Display and Competition. Who can enter? Individuals or Teams (no more than 4 people per team please) What is the cost? $5.00 per entry- no limit on number of… Read more →

Aethelmearc Sword Fighting Demo

Sunday May 29th beginning at Noon, the Society for Creative Anachronism will host a demonstration charity sword fighting (fencing) tournament. $5.00 buy in for fencers (gets you 2 lives). You may purchase unlimited additional pink ribbons for $1.00 each. Each ribbon gets you one extra life. Spectators are encouraged to purchase ribbons for the fencers of their choice. Each pink ribbon purchased buys your fencer… Read more →

The Contribution of Homemade Musical Instruments to the Development of American Folk Music

  Gary Copeland, musical talent and historian will cover, fairly extensively, various “homemade” musical instruments to include:  cigar box guitar, cigar box fiddle, washtub bass, mountain banjo, appalachian lap dulcimer, canjo, etc.  The subject matter will be presented, in timeline, corresponding to early and subsequent literary references to the design/development of the stated instruments.  Demonstrations will be given, on all instruments… Read more →